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Oldham is now under national lockdown coronavirus restrictions. Full details of these rules can be found on the website:

Public consultation

Greater Manchester is launching a further public consultation to get a wide range of views on its proposals to reform the bus market - in light of the findings of a new report on the impact of Covid-19.

Currently in Greater Manchester the bus companies decide the routes, frequencies, fares and standards. There is no coordination and limited oversight.  Where bus companies decide not to run services, where necessary, the public sector pays to fill in the gaps. 

Under franchising, bus services would be brought under local control. GMCA would coordinate and invest in the bus network based on the services passengers need. The bus operators would be contracted by GMCA to run the services.

Depending on the impacts of Covid-19, GMCA might have to make difficult choices about the bus network in the future to manage these financial risks - such as providing further funding or making reductions to the network.

Last year, Greater Manchester held a consultation on a proposed bus franchising scheme. More than 8,500 individuals and organisations from across Greater Manchester and beyond responded with four-out-of-five respondents, who answered the relevant question, supporting the proposed franchising scheme. 

In June, GMCA noted the results of the consultation and that, before a final decision was made, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) would produce a Covid-19 Impact Report considering how the pandemic had affected the bus reform process.

GMCA is now undertaking a further consultation on the proposed franchising scheme in the light of the findings of this report.

Residents and organisations from Greater Manchester and beyond are being encouraged to take part in the consultation at

The consultation runs until midnight on Friday 29 January 2021.