Coronavirus: National lockdown

Stay home. Only go out for food, medical reasons, exercise, education or work. Avoid travel unless essential. You must work from home if you can. Schools and essential shops will remain open.

Coronavirus: Information and advice

Get Oldham Working is a Council service that aims to help people find work and training opportunities. The service offers:

  • Help if you are long term unemployed or have limited recent work experience.

  • Personal learning mentors to assist you with improving your job prospects.
  • Help with writing CVs and making job applications.
  • Help with getting a better job that makes the most of your skills.
  • Information about local jobs and training opportunities, including jobs fairs and other recruitment events.
  • A register you can join if you are seeking work.


Our paid traineeship is open to any Oldham resident who is over 16 and has been unemployed for 6 months. Contact the team for more information.


We can help you find an apprenticeship in Oldham. Open to all age groups whatever your prior level of education. Contact the team for more information.


Free services to business

Get Oldham Working can help you to recruit people in Oldham.