Getting started

This is a guide to what you will need to get started, but the real nappy suppliers will give you more advice:

Nappies (less nappies are needed as your child grows)

  • 10 nappies if washed alternate days and tumble dried
  • 18 nappies if washed alternate days and line dried
  • 24 nappies if washed every third day and line dried

Remember to change the nappy regularly, even if it isn’t soaked through to avoid nappy rash

Waterproof wraps x 4 (not needed if using all-in-ones)

The wrap needs to be big enough to contain all of the nappy, but a neat snug fit to prevent leaks. 

Never soak the outer wrap – just sponge down minor soiling between washes.

Booster pads (for added absorbency)

Optional, but extra absorbency may be needed especially over night


At least 12 washable liners, or a roll of flushable ones


Bucket with lid (to keep nappies in before washing)

If you don’t soak your nappies add a cotton wool ball with a few drops of tea tree oil in the top of

your bucket to keep it smelling fresh.

Soaking solution (e.g. borax, sodium bicarbonate, or nappy fresh)

Optional, if you want to reduce staining.  Remember; to soak in cold water to avoid stains

becoming permanent.  You could also add a few drops of tea tree oil to act as an antiseptic. Never

use bleach.

Wet nappy storage bag (sealable bag for putting nappies in when you go out)


Nappy mesh (for handling nappies as they go in the wash)

Non-bio detergent (for washing nappies)

Never use a fabric conditioner as it reduces absorbency and always wash your nappies a few

times before you use them to bring them up to peak absorbency. When you wash your nappies

use a cold rinse first to get rid of any urine or bits and then wash at 60˚C.

Please do not order any items before you have the voucher number.