Council Tax Exceptional Hardship Payment (EHP) application - Oldham Council

We may be able to award you a reduction in the amount of Council Tax you have to pay if you have exceptional financial circumstances which makes it difficult for you to pay your Council Tax. This is called an Exceptional Hardship Payment (EHP).

The Council must fund the cost of any awards of an EHP. This means that in considering an award we must be satisfied that:

  • It is reasonable to expect other Council Tax payers to meet the cost of reducing the tax, and
  • That your individual circumstances are exceptional and not applicable to all or a significant amount of Oldham residents.

EHPs are only intended as short-term assistance and should not be considered as a way of reducing your Council Tax indefinitely.

EHPs are not the same as discounts awarded under the Council’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTR). If you are on a low income you should first explore entitlement to CTR before making an application for EHP.