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Eligibility for free school travel

The Authority issues school travel passes to enable those pupils who are entitled, to travel to and from school, free on public transport.
The regulations relating to the issue of free school travel passes are given below.
  • To be eligible for transport support a compulsory school age pupil must travel a distance of more than 2 miles if under 8 years of age, or 3 miles if 8 years or over, between home and school. Distance is defined as the distance between the child’s home and school, using the nearest available short walking route.
  • Children aged 8 years, but under 11 years, from low income families (as defined below) are eligible for support where they live more than 2 miles from their nearest qualifying school.
  • If a pupil travels over the statutory walking distance outlined in Point 1 and 2 above because of parental choice or because a brother or sister already attends the school, and there is alternative school accommodation available within the statutory walking distance, parents/carers will be responsible for any travelling expenses incurred.
  • Where pupils change address, they will only be entitled to free school travel if at the time of removal they are in Years 10 or 11, they are taking a course leading to external examinations and the school satisfies the minimum distance requirements as outlined in Point 1 above.
  • If parents wish, pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 may continue to attend their present school, but there is no entitlement to free school travel, if there is a place available at a suitable school within the statutory walking distance from the new address
Children who are entitled to free school meals, or those whose families are in receipt of their maximum level of Working Tax Credit (WTC), at the time of the application, are defined as those from low-income groups.

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