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The information supplied on this form will be used to confirm your eligibility for applying to the Oldham Enterprise Programme (the Programme) for business support and potential financial assistance to support your new or growing business.

For further details please refer to the document Oldham Enterprise Trust Oldham Enterprise Programme Terms and Conditions.

The Oldham Enterprise Programme is a programme of free business support linked to sources of both Grant and Loan Business Funding

The partners, Oldham Enterprise Trust, the Stoller Charitable Trust, Oldham Council, The Princes Trust, the Business Growth Hub, GC Business Finance, and the Oldham College aim to provide Oldham with a complete business support package under the single Oldham Enterprise Programme banner.

The Oldham Enterprise Programme provides access to:-

Free Business Support (from The Princes Trust, GM Libraries Build a Business programme, The Business Growth Hub, and The Oldham College).

Business Grant Funding from:

  • Oldham Council Grant Funding of up to £1,000 for those aged 18+
    • Oldham Council Grants are available to
      • Oldham Residents
      • Are successful at an Oldham Enterprise Programme Assessment Panel
  • The Prince’s Trust Grant funding of up to £2,000 for those aged 18 to 30 who are:-
    • Existing businesses and Start Up applicants (trading less than 3 years)
    • Have successfully completed the Princes Trust Enterprise programme; and
    • Are successful at The Princes Trust Launch Group

Business Loan funding is available from

  • The Start Up Loan Scheme – A Start Up Loan is a government backed personal loan for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business
    • Loans of up to £25,000 are available to eligible applicants via the Start Up Loans scheme., and
  • The Proper Good Social Investment Fund
  • The Proper Good Early-Stage Loans of up £30,000 for social enterprises
  • The Proper Good Buildings Loan Fund of up to £350,000 (90% Loan and 10% Grant

Other funding sources are available from GC Business Finance for existing businesses that want to grow.

By completing the application form you are agreeing to us sharing your information with our partner organisations.

The Programme looks to support sustainable business and business growth ideas. Applicants are given a programme of free business support to help them prepare their Business Plan, Cash Flow Forecast.

If you are eligible to receive Grant Funding, then it is mandatory that you attend the free business support programmes run by our Business Support partners as directed by Oldham Enterprise Trust.

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