6. Your Oldham Festival 2018

Your oldham 1


Be inspired, get involved and have fun

Thursday 26 July, 10am – 3pm, free

With so much great co-operative work going on across the borough, we’re giving you the chance to find out how you can be inspired, get involved, and have fun.

The town centre will be taken over by more than 40 organisations, charities and community groups promoting the great work they do in Oldham and how they improve lives for residents across the borough.

There will be fantastic prizes on offer, including a £100 shopping voucher and meals out at The Smoke Yard, Parliament Square Café or Nando’s.

Come along and discover free activities, demonstrations and activities from:

  • Action Together
  • Ambition for Ageing / AgeUK Oldham
  • Chatter and Natter Naked Bean
  • Chatter and Natter Rhode Island
  • Credit Union
  • Fairtrade
  • Fostering
  • Gallery Oldham
  • Growing Hubs
  • Guide Dogs
  • Hack
  • Inspire Women
  • Oldham Enterprise Trust
  • Oldham Library
  • Oldham Lifelong Learning
  • Parks
  • Real Junk Food
  • REEL CiC
  • Oldham Street Angels
  • Veg in the Park
  • Waste / Recycling
  • OPAG
  • Making Smoking History in Greater Manchester
  • Positive Steps/Early Help
  • Positive Cycles
  • Alex Park Hub
  • Wifi Cooking Demonstration
  • Flower Arranging
  • Beekeeping and Flow Hive Demonstrations
  • Sholver Community Team and Fulwood Rangers
  • Women's Institute
  • Nutrition and Hydration Project
  • Creative with Nature - willow weaving a bee

#ourbit - putting on a co-operative festival and highlighting the amazing work residents, charities and businesses are doing across the borough

#yourbit by coming along and getting involved.

#result a celebration of all the great co-operative work that’s happening in our borough.

Your chance to win

To celebrate the Your Oldham festival we’re giving away some amazing prizes.

  • £100 of shopping vouchers
  • 3 course meal for 2, plus 2 cocktails each from The Smokeyard
  • £25 voucher for Parliament Square café 
  • Meals out for the family at Nando’s 
  • Treats and goodies from The Body Shop

All you need to do is pick up a Your Oldham Passport on the day from the Your Oldham Stall, then collect six signature’s from the different locations around the town centre, once completed please return the passport to the Your Oldham stall for your chance to win! 

Good luck everyone