Biker damages pitches

Oldham Council is appealing to the local community to help catch vandals who have damaged two playing fields.

Over recent weeks Granby Street Playing Fields, Chadderton have been targeted by motorbikers who have left the ground heavily rutted.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Co-operatives, said: “This was simply mindless vandalism.

“Over the last six months we’ve been working to bring the pitches back into use after many years, so to see them being damaged before work has even finished and they’ve had chance to bed in is very disappointing.

“If this sort of thing continues then the losers will be the football teams which will be using the pitches and facilities once they are complete. Vandalism of this kind could put work behind schedule.

“I would urge anyone who has any information about the vandalism, or if you see anything in the future, to contact the council or the police. We will look to prosecute anyone that is found to be causing criminal damage to our pitches.”

It is anticipated that the pitches will be ready for the start of the 2017/18 football season

Anyone with information can contact the council’s Environmental Services Team on 0161 770 4067 or Greater Manchester Police on 101.

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Granby Street