Oldham parks get life-saving defibrillators

Two of Oldham’s most popular parks are now even safer places to visit.

Both Alexandra Park and Chadderton Hall Park now have public defibrillators to help save the life of anyone who may suffer a cardiac episode.

They are located in cafés at the parks and available for public use whenever they are open.

The defibrillators were funded through parkrun which holds free weekly five km runs in parks across Oldham.

Cllr Eddie Moores, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said: “These defibrillators are a vital addition to our parks and are potentially lifesaving.

“Hopefully we will never need to use them but it’s far better to have one and not use it than not have one and need it.”

The defibrillators are fully automatic and can be used by anyone. The units use voice prompts to guide users through the process. 

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