Councillor Jim McMahon, Leader of Oldham Council, wins the 'Leader of the Year' award at the LgIU C'llr Awards Published: Monday, 04th August 2014

Oldham Council wants to talk to residents about how we can work together to tackle the £60 million budget challenge it faces over the next two years.

Come and join our conversation because these cuts affect everyone. We need your support and ideas.

The local authority has no choice but to make these savings as a result of central government reducing the amount of money we have to fund our services.

We have had to make £141 million in cuts in the past five years – that’s £1,566 less per household.

Oldham Council now needs to make a further £60 million in savings by 2017 – which brings the total reduction per household up to £2,232.

You probably know that we do things like collect your bins, fix potholes, cut the grass and sweep up rubbish, but we also provide support for older people, people with disabilities and children who are in care.

We know that these services are important and we want to make sure that we continue to make the borough a great place to live and support local people.

A short video has been produced outlining where the council’s budget situation and also how we can work together co-operatively.

Take some time to watch the video and join in the conversation on how we can all save money via Oldham Council’s website at

Councillor Jim McMahon, Oldham Council Leader, said: "We have to have an honest conversation between the council and residents about the serious financial challenges we face. Half our budget has gone and there are no easy answers.

“As a co-operative borough we need to work together as a team – residents, businesses and organisations – where all of us do our bit so that everybody benefits.

“We can’t spend more money than we have so we’ve got to stop doing things or do things differently.

“We are already making huge changes by carrying out regeneration projects to dramatically boost our economy. We are building more homes, supporting and encouraging businesses in the borough and we are working closely with other services like the NHS, police and the fire service.

“However, we need to do more and have a comprehensive look at how we can deliver services.

“If we all make some small changes in our day-to-day lives, we can make a huge difference, and help to make the most of every penny we spend.

“Tough decisions have already been made and they are only going to get tougher for local families and communities – but if we band together, we can make Oldham a better place and reduce the impact of the cuts.”

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