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Council chamber Published: Monday, 12th May 2014

Voters in the St James ward are reminded that two seats are up for election when they go to the polls on Thursday, May 22.

That is because one seat is up for election as part of the normal electoral cycle – and another is the subject of a by-election.

The electoral cycle in Oldham means that 20 of Oldham Council’s total of 60 seats is up for election on that date. That is one seat in each of the 20 wards*.

In addition, a by-election is also taking place for the St James seat recently vacated by Nigel Newton (Labour) – which he had won at local elections in May 2011.

This means two candidates will win seats in St James on that day.

Voters can therefore vote for up to two candidates. 

Voters should not number their choice(s) on the ballot paper. They should simply place a cross against one or two candidates.

Anybody who votes for just one candidate will still have cast a valid vote.

The votes will be counted at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Friday, May 23.

In St James, the candidate polling the most votes will be awarded the seat last won in May 2010. 

The candidate who polls the second-highest number of votes will then be awarded the seat vacated by Nigel Newton. 

Carolyn Wilkins, Returning Officer, said: “It is important that voters in St James are aware of their ability to vote for up to two candidates on May 22.”

“Clerks at the polling stations in St James have been fully briefed and will explain how this works this to voters on polling day.” 

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