Harrison,Jenny,Councillor,Labour,Alexandra Published: Monday, 24th March 2014

Oldham Council has launched a new campaign to provide a fair deal for residents already in work or seeking employment.

The ‘Fair Employment Charter’ is part of the Co-operative agenda and businesses are already getting on-board. 

Its aims to complement the Get Oldham Working initiative – to build a fair and prosperous local economy where everyone does their bit and everybody benefits – which has already created around 650 work related opportunities since its launch last year.

Leader of Oldham Council, Jim McMahon, officially unveiled the charter at the One Oldham Business Awards on Friday, March 21, in the Queen Elizabeth Hall. 

Fair local employment is central to our ambitions for Oldham – to promote thriving businesses with proud and committed staff.

Firms signed up to the charter on the night: pledging their support as fair employers to:

· Pay a living wage

· Offer fair contracts and stability of employment.

· Offer access to training and support.

· Support membership of trade unions.

· Enable and encourage employees to ‘do their bit’ for the borough.

· Support local people into work through Get Oldham Working.

Councillor Jenny Harrison, Cabinet Member for Commissioning and Public Sector Reform, said: “Getting Oldham working is not just about the number of jobs created – it’s also about the quality of jobs and ensuring that local people experience fairness in their employment.

“This means fair wages, with contracts that allow them to plan their finances, support their families and receive support to progress in their roles.

“We need to support fair employment, the living wage and tackling issues like ‘zero hour’ contracts. Oldham’s Fair Employment Charter aims to ensure that an ethical standard is reached across the borough – offering fair contracts and stability of employment that lets people know where they stand.

“Workers deserve to be treated with respect and have a decent standard of living.     

“As a local authority, and the borough’s largest employer, we aim to lead the way with this charter.

“It strengthens and enriches the pioneering Get Oldham Working initiative which was launched 12 months ago and from which hundreds of local employers and residents are already benefiting.

“Through co-operative working in the borough we have already seen innovative ways of supporting people into work – the exciting regeneration projects taking shape, for example, and business support, like entrepreneurs benefiting from the Oldham Enterprise Fund.

“This is the next step in the council’s campaign for fairness for Oldham residents, following the success of the Energy Switching Scheme, the Fares Fare initiative and the Fair Credit Campaign.

“We hope local employers will ‘do their bit’ and support our drive for fair employment for local people.”

A new video featuring case studies and highlighting Get Oldham Working’s success can now be viewed online at http://youtu.be/E0Uc7Vcwfe4

The Get Oldham Working page can be viewed at www.oldham.gov.uk/get_oldham_working

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