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Cllr Chadderton attends launch of low bus fares
Cllr Chadderton attends launch of low bus fares
Published: Monday, 05th September 2022

Leader of Oldham Council, Amanda Chadderton, today welcomed the introduction of lower bus fares across Greater Manchester, labelling it a "fantastic travel offer that will keep money in people’s pocke

In times where every penny counts towards necessities such as food and household bills, many people cannot afford to spend money they don’t have on multiple bus fares to get to and from their destination – especially when having to use different bus providers.

But thanks to new measures, people can now access a much simpler and clearer bus fare system which makes it easier to travel across the region for less.

Under this new system, adults will now pay no more than £2 for a single bus journey that starts and ends within Greater Manchester, while children aged five to 16 will pay no more than £1.

In some cases, these new fares will save people around 50 per cent on their journey.

Travellers can also access unlimited bus travel within the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester until 03.59am the following day as part of the AnyBus Travelcard. This is priced at £5 for adults and £2.50 for children. Children under the age of five will continue to travel on buses for free.

Cllr Chadderton said: “This is welcome news for the residents of Oldham and Greater Manchester – especially when we are all feeling the effects of the Cost of Living crisis and pressures on household budgets.

“Many people heavily rely on buses as their way of getting to work, going to school and visiting their family and friends.

"New lower bus fares will help keep money in people’s pockets, and enable people to travel across GM for just £5 for a full day - which is a huge saving.

"Cheaper travel is something we need now more than ever before, and I would encourage everyone to use public transport when they can.”

The capped fares only apply to single and day tickets, not seasonal tickets, and a ticket is only valid for a single bus journey, not for transfer between two buses.

The capped fares also apply to Local Link and TfGM school/college services but not Ring and Ride services.

If you are aged between 11 and 16, you will need proof of your age when travelling. An igo card should be used as proof of your age and will let you pay child and junior fares in Greater Manchester until 31 August after your 16th birthday.

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