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CGI of homes beside a lake Published: Wednesday, 13th July 2022

Oldham Council has published an exciting opportunity to procure a Master Developer Private Sector Partner (PSP) to support the transformation of Oldham town centre. 

A procurement exercise is now live via The Chest. It invites PSPs with the financial means, experience, skills, and resources to work in partnership with the council to deliver our town centre vision. 

This opportunity includes the development of up to eight future housing sites all within the council’s ownership – a potential 2,000 new homes in total. 

The sites include Oldham Civic Centre, which will be freed up when Oldham Council staff relocate into the redeveloped Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre. Here, 400 to 600 apartments could be created. 

The former Oldham Magistrates’ Court site provides a potential capacity of 125 to 225 apartments. 

While a further 175 to 250 apartments could be built at the former Oldham Leisure Centre site, which sits adjacent a planned new town centre park. 

These three sites are all ‘definite’ for future development, while five other ‘possible’ sites across the town centre are also identified, including the Tommyfield Market site, which will also relocate into the new-look Spindles, unlocking the land for development alongside the new Jubilee Park. 

The contract value is between £350m-£550m with an initial 15-year duration. 

Oldham Council Leader Amanda Chadderton said: “Oldham Council is already well on its way to transforming the town centre – and there is a real opportunity to work with us and play a key role in the future of our fantastic borough. 

“We’ve got a proven track record for delivering ambitious regeneration projects, including our award-winning Old Town Hall. We also have many projects well underway – all of which will make Oldham a more attractive place to live, visit and work. 

“This includes bringing the historic Old Library back into use, a new theatre in listed buildings on Union Street, and the transformation of Spindles to create a multi-use centre with retail, co-working space, events space, an arts and heritage archive and a brand-new market. 

“We also have fantastic transport connections, amazing heritage and unrivalled green spaces and countryside. 

“We want to work with a partner who shares our drive and vision for Oldham – the opportunity is there, and we want you to be a part of it.” 

To support the procurement process, Oldham Council has developed a Development Prospectus which outlines our strategic vision including redefining the retail core, upgrading the night-time economy and providing high quality town centre living. Detail on each of the eight potential housing sites is also provided. 

The PSP could be a single organisation or group of organisations that bring together the necessary funding and expertise to deliver the vision and demonstrate long-term partnership working and strong social value. 

The procurement process is expected to take around nine months to complete. 

Procurement documents must be accessed through the council's e-tendering portal, The Chest (project reference DN620783). All communications must also be directed via this portal. 

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