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Civic Centre Published: Friday, 01st April 2022

Oldham Council services that have been delivered by the Unity Partnership are set to be managed by Oldham Council from today.

The aim is to build on improving services for residents and enable closer working across departments.

Unity Partnership has been delivering a range of services on behalf of the council for a number of years, including the customer call centre, highways, revenues and benefits, ICT, payroll and HR. 

A report published and agreed by Oldham Council's Cabinet committee back in January recommended that management of these services should brought back to the council, to build on improving the way services are delivered for residents.

Harry Catherall, Chief Executive of Oldham Council, said: “Unity delivered some of the services that mattered most to Oldham residents, such as answering the calls of those in need through our call centre, managing our benefits service, and running our face to face customer support at Access Oldham.

"Bringing these services back to the council will allow us to build on improving customer satisfaction and the quality of the services we deliver, while at the same time delivering value for money for all of our residents."

Unity Partnership was established in 2006, with a model that allowed services to be delivered in partnership with the council, as well as delivering services to outside organisations. In February 2018, following a review, Cabinet agreed that Unity should become wholly owned by Oldham Council. This move tomorrow will now bring all services back "in house" and see more than 400 staff transfer over to the council.

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