Gallery exhibition Published: Friday, 02nd July 2021

An exhibition by an artist whose work is already on permanent display in the borough is set to land at Gallery Oldham.

‘Being Benedict Phillips or How To Be Dyslexic’ opens on July 6.

As the title suggests the show, which runs until September 11, is about how dyslexia has made the artist who he is today.

Benedict has created a character, The DIV, repeated in different roles through a number of projects and shown at Gallery Oldham as a set for the first time.

The DIV is taken from ‘div’ an English slang word for idiot or stupid.

Benedict uses it to mean ‘Dyslexic Intelligent Vision’. The first, The White DIV was created for a performance called The Invisible Apartheid of Words in 2005.

The DIV in Black is the latest character, made for this exhibition.

This may be the first time Benedict has exhibited at Gallery Oldham but he is no stranger to Oldham.

The Oldham Owls who perch overlooking Parliament Square, in Oldham town centre, are his artwork.

Councillor Shaid Mushtaq, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: “Benedict’s work is already a permanent and popular fixture in the town centre so it’s good to see more of his work on display in Gallery Oldham.

“He’s exploring how dyslexia has shaped his work and this will be a fascinating exhibition.’’

More about Benedict and his work can be found online by visiting

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