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Published: Friday, 28th May 2021

Oldham Council’s discretionary business grant schemes will close on Friday 4 June at 5pm. 

Any businesses who have not yet applied, and think they could be eligible, are urged to submit an application before it is too late. 

The schemes, funded through the Additional Restrictions Grant, were launched to support businesses not covered by other grant schemes and that have been severely impacted by local and national restrictions. 

Since we launched the schemes in November 2020, we’ve helped more than 500 businesses with grant payments of almost £6 million. 

Cllr Shoab Akhtar, Cabinet Member for Employment and Enterprise, said: “These grants have been invaluable to so many businesses across our borough and we have been delighted to support them. 

“Schemes have been launched throughout the pandemic to ensure financial support responds to business needs at various stages of lockdown and restrictions. As a result, there are now seven schemes currently in operation – but the application is simple. 

“These grants are here to safeguard you and your business so if you think you could be eligible, please apply as soon as you can. We will assess you for all schemes and award you the grant that best meets your needs. 

“We know the pandemic is not yet over and many businesses are still struggling. Further discretionary support will be available, and we will announce future schemes as soon as we can.” 

Our discretionary schemes include grants for rate-paying and non-rate paying businesses including those in shared spaces with fixed property costs such as commercial rent. It does not cover those running a business from home (apart from businesses eligible for the self-employed grant). 

You will only be eligible for one grant scheme and businesses that have previously been awarded a grant do not need to apply again. 

So that we can award grants as quickly as possible, please apply as soon as you can and do not wait for the deadline. It’s really important you submit all supporting documentation required, including bank statements and commercial costs evidence. This will prevent any delays with your application. 

For more information on our coronavirus business grant schemes, and to apply, visit  

The grants currently available and set to close next week are: 


Who is eligible? 

Amount available 

Restart Grants Discretionary Scheme 


for businesses that do not pay business rates who: 

  • Are in the non-essential retail, hospitality, leisure, personal care, accommodation, and gym, and sports sectors 
  • Have ongoing fixed property costs 



Non-essential retail: £2,267 


Hospitality, leisure, personal care, accommodation, and gym, and sports: £8,000 



Support for businesses required to close 


For businesses closed by Tier 3 restrictions from 23 October 2020 to 4 November 2020 that do not have a Business Rates account. 


For businesses closed by the National Lockdown from 5 November 2020 to 2 December 2020 that do not have a Business Rates account 


£1,334 per 28 days of closure 


Support for businesses in the leisure, visitor accommodation and hospitality industry that remained open from 1 August 2020 to 4 November 2020  

Businesses in the sectors that do not pay businesses rates and who were open but had their trade significantly impacted as a result of Tier 2 restrictions 

£934 per four weeks of closure 

Supply chain grants 

For businesses that supply products or services directly to the leisure and hospitality sectors and have been severely affected by local and national restrictions. 


Rateable Value (RV) of less than £15k = £10,000. 


RV £15,001-£51,000 = £12,000. 


RV more than £51k = £16,000. 


Businesses not registered or liable for Business Rates = £10,000 

Taxi cash grant 

For Oldham Council licensed Hackney and Private Hire Drivers to cover business expenses incurred during the pandemic. 



Wider Business Grants 


for businesses that have suffered a significant and substantial negative impact on trading as a result of COVID-19, compared to previous levels of trading pre-pandemic 

Rateable Value (RV) less than £15k = £5,500. 


RV £15,001-£51,000 = £8,000. 


RV more than £51k = £12,000. 


Businesses not registered or liable for Business Rates = £5,500 


Self-employment Discretionary Grant 


Businesses in the leisure and hospitality sectors that are based at home and can evidence on-going fixed commercial costs. It also includes driving instructors 





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