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Landlord consultation
Landlord consultation
Published: Tuesday, 19th January 2021

Last year we launched a consultation to see if a selective licensing scheme for private landlords is needed in selected areas of the borough.

A selective licensing scheme aims to improve the management of privately rented properties - ensuring they have a positive impact on an area.

The formal consultation involves residents, tenants, private landlords, businesses and other stakeholders.

However, just weeks into the consultation period Coronavirus hit the borough.

And although the consultation continued the impact of the virus meant the council has not been able to speak to and get the views of as many people as we would have wanted.

To ensure we speak to and get the views from as many people as possible, we are welcoming your input.

Councillor Hannah Roberts, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “Coronavirus has had a huge impact on Oldham, financially and socially, which meant the council has had to prioritise certain areas of work.

“It is nearly a year since we launched the selective licensing consultation so it is only right that we look at it again.

“The vast majority of our private landlords rent out decent properties and look after their tenants.

“Unfortunately, there is still a small number who fail to provide decent housing. That’s why we originally introduced the selective licensing scheme.

“Last time we asked people for their views, four out of five of the people who responded believed selective licensing would help improve the areas covered.

“Thankfully they were right as we’ve been able to help out tenants and drive up standards.

“Any new scheme would mean landlords and tenants have to act responsibly or face possible action from the council.

“Please give us your views as we want to hear from you.”

In 2015 the council introduced its selective licensing scheme for private landlords in eight areas.

The existing scheme required all landlords to be registered with the council and to obtain a five-year licence which cost £490 per property – less than £2 per week.

If you are a resident, landlord or a business owner and would like to take part in the survey visit

More information about you can also take part is also available on the website

The results and final recommendations will then be reported back to Cabinet for a decision.

The consultation runs from today until April 18.

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