Coronavirus: New guidance

Meet outside rather than inside where possible. Keep 2 metres apart from people that you don’t live with. Minimise travel in and out of affected areas. Get tested twice a week and isolate if positive

Coronavirus: New guidance
Published: Monday, 13th July 2020

Save Oldham's Services

The COVID-19 outbreak is placing massive pressure on services provided by both Oldham Council and the NHS.  


Team Oldham, the voluntary sector and the community have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic to keep Oldham residents safe. This vital work has come at a massive financial cost to Oldham Council. 


Although further government funding has been announced, it is not enough to fully support the people of Oldham. 


We’re calling on the community to say thanks to those who have been working to look after others, the care workers, waste disposal teams, emergency helpline operators and more. 


To enable us to keep being there for our residents we now need the support from Government in the form of fair funding. 


This funding will help make up the costs the council has had to spend on its priority – keeping Oldham residents safe.  


Oldham Council Leader Sean Fielding said: “I can’t thank the people of Oldham enough for their extraordinary efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“All of Oldham has pulled together to be there for each other during this incredibly difficult period. Everyone who has worked to ensure we get through this is an example of what makes Oldham such a special place”


“To properly thank our local heroes, we now need Government to provide the funding we so vitally need. Our key workers have done their part, we’re now asking the community to join us by signing this letter, which asks Government to do theirs.”


Leader of the Opposition, and the Liberal Democrat Group,  Councillor Howard Sykes MBE said: “Oldham’s local heroes have been working tirelessly to keep us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“We have to ensure their vital work can continue, no matter the cost.”


“Making sure our borough gets the funding it needs goes beyond politics – it is what must be done to keep the people of Oldham safe.”


“Join us in our call for fair funding by signing our letter to Government”.


To say thanks to those who have selflessly worked to support the most vulnerable throughout this crisis, sign here today - 



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