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Published: Thursday, 04th June 2020

The callous murder of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis has sent shockwaves around the world which are being powerfully and painfully felt here in Greater Manchester.

As Leaders, we want to express our revulsion at the manner of George’s death, our sympathy with his family and our complete solidarity with the Black community here and elsewhere.
We know the anger and the agony is real. Discrimination continues every day, not just in the USA but in the UK too. People are tired of having to fight it. 

To show our sympathy with George’s family, and our support for Black Lives Matter, we have today agreed to coordinate the lighting of civic buildings across our 10 boroughs on Friday evening, following on from the example of Salford and Manchester City Councils.

But this moment demands more from us and our gesture will mean more if it is accompanied by our own reflection and action. 

First, to ensure all of our communities receive equal treatment from Greater Manchester Police, we make a new commitment today to work with them to publish a quarterly Race Equality Policing Report on the use of policing powers. We will seek to build more community confidence through even greater transparency. 

Second, to ensure that there is a systematic challenge to the inequalities that still exist between our different communities, we commit to bringing forward proposals next month for a Greater Manchester Race Equality Panel.

Third, recognising the under-representation of our Black community in decision-making in Greater Manchester, we commit to strengthening our dialogue with the Black community and to working with Operation Black Vote’s Leadership Programme to improve representation.

We have a long and proud history in Greater Manchester of confronting discrimination head-on. This is a moment to challenge ourselves to do more. The best way of marking the life of George Floyd is with a promise of real change.
Black Lives Matter.  

  • Mayor Andy Burnham
  • Sir Richard Leese
  • Baroness Beverley Hughes
  • Mayor Paul Dennett
  • Cllr Brenda Warrington
  • Cllr Andrew Western
  • Cllr Elise Wilson
  • Cllr David Molyneux
  • Cllr Allen Brett
  • Cllr Sean Fielding
  • Cllr David Greenhalgh
  • Cllr Eamonn O’Brien
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