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Published: Tuesday, 12th May 2020

Mr Yates serviced as a councillor for Oldham Borough from 1971-74, and was elected to Chadderton Central for Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council in 1974-75, and from 1979 until 1992.

During 1974/75, he was on the Social Services Committee and Environmental Health and Control Committee.   Mr Yates served as Vice Chair of Environmental Health & Control and then later became Chair for 11 years until 1992.  He also served on the Licensing Committee, Industrial Development, and the Town Centre Redevelopment.

As well as being a councillor for Oldham, he sat as one for Chadderton UDC.

He as a highly skilled toolmaker at Ferrenti’s as well as being a magistrate. He also served in the RA during the war.

Mr Yates was a founder member of Oldham United Charity and was still serving as Chair until his death. 

In his spare time, he was a big music fan and attended the Free Trade Hall regularly. He was also a member of the Oldham Camera club and a very talented photographer, along with being a member of the Oldham Flying club where he built his own model planes including the engines. Lately, he had begun to develop a model railway in his front room.

He was a passionate socialist and trade unionist and took an active interest in current affairs. He was modest and unassuming, very interesting to talk to, and had many friends across his different issues.

We owe a huge thanks to Mr Yates for all the tireless work he did over the years as a councillor, where he was widely respected.

A book of condolence is available online so you can pay your respects -

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