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Terraced housing roof tops Published: Monday, 03rd February 2020

We've successfully prosecuted five private landlords who failed to get licences for the properties they rent out

It’s part of our intention to improve the management of properties across the borough and flush out rogue landlords and irresponsible tenants.

The landlords, who had failed to sign up to our Selective Licensing scheme, were:

  • Liam Coates, of Radcliffe Street, Oldham fined £490, with £300 costs and a £49 victim surcharge
  • Kauser Parveen, of Brompton Street, Oldham fined £495, with £450 costs and a £49 victim surcharge
  • Michael John Coates, Thornley Lane, Grotton fined £490, with £300 costs and a £49 victim surcharge
  • Yasmin Walayat, of Werneth Hall Road, Oldham fined £600, with £400 costs and a £60 victim surcharge
  • Amjid Munir, of Grendon Avenue, Oldham fined £600, with £400 costs and a £60 victim surcharge

On the same day Mohammed Shahidul Islam Ali, of Milne Street, Oldham didn’t attend court and pleaded guilty by post to breaching the terms of his licence. He was fined £80, with costs of £525 and a victim surcharge of £30. 

Currently it’s a criminal offence to operate a privately rented property without a licence in St Mary’s; Hathershaw; Waterhead; Hollinwood; Primrose Bank and selected areas of Coldhurst, Alexandra and Oldham Edge.

It would be cheaper - it costs less than £2 a week - to apply for a five-year licence, and keeps to its terms, rather than risk being taken to court and getting a criminal record.

Councillor Hannah Roberts, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “The private rented sector in Oldham needs to improve and we will take action against landlords who think the law doesn’t apply to them.

“Rented homes need to be of a good standard otherwise they can have a terrible impact on the health and welfare of tenants and the wider community.

“But tenants also need to act responsibly and showing respect for their neighbours.”

We’ll soon be consulting on a proposed new Selective Licensing scheme in certain areas. 

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