Failsworth clean up Published: Wednesday, 10th July 2019

Since launching on World Environment Day – 5 June 2018 – the Green Oldham campaign has reached more than 300,000 people on Facebook.

More than 180,000 of you have also watched the Green Oldham videos, highlighting the amazing work local residents, schools and businesses have been doing to help the borough become a greener place.

To date the campaign has focused on: community renewable energy, walking to school scheme, single-use plastics, food growing and gardening, Warm Homes Oldham, community clean-ups, recycling, Fairtrade and Clean Air Day - helping residents to make a green choice as well as encouraging organisations to do the same.

The council is also working on a Green Oldham Strategy, setting out our continuing commitment and ambition around climate change and environmental agenda.

The strategy will highlight the new vision and strategy for the borough over the next three to five years and will support other council priorities such as health and wellbeing and economic growth and prosperity.

Part of that strategy will include projects such as:

  • COALESCCE (Community Owned And Led Energy for Security, Climate Change and Employment) providing support, finance workshops and toolkits to help community energy groups and private sector landlords engage with the sector.
  • RED WoLF (Rethinking Electricity Distribution Without Load Following) - to develop a new design of an all-electric heating system, combining solar PV renewable energy generation with battery storage and modern storage heaters, for use in Oldham homes.
  • Alexandra Park Eco-centre - a new flagship ‘eco-centre' providing a range of facilities, including classrooms, greenhouses for growing bedding plants, and onsite renewable energy generation to achieve a zero-energy cost development with highly energy-efficient and biodiversity-friendly buildings.
  • Northern Roots - a new eco-park on the Snipe Clough site adjacent to Alexandra Park, its aim is to provide opportunities for community food businesses, learning around agriculture, leisure activities such as walking, mountain biking and bush-craft, plus other benefits for local residents.

Councillor Abdul Jabbar, Deputy Leader of Oldham Council and Cabinet member for Low Carbon said: "Oldham has an amazing natural environment and it's about time we celebrated it.

"We hope the campaign has helped resident make green choices, enjoy days out in Oldham's fabulous green spaces and encouraged organisations to make environmentally conscious choices.

"It's easy to believe one person's efforts don't matter, but if we all made some small changes we could make a huge difference to the environment.

“Also, as part of being a carbon neutral borough, one of our key ambitions is to produce clean electricity from renewable sources to power our own buildings and street lighting by 2025”.

A Climate Change and Green Oldham report will be presented at tonight’s Full Council meeting to show the progress on tackling climate change and other environmental issues facing the borough and the wider Greater Manchester area. 

To get involved, tell us about a green initiative or to nominate a person, organisation or initiative that is helping to make Oldham a cleaner, greener place, just post on social media using the hashtag #greenoldham.

To watch a video, visit - where you can learn about all of Oldham's green initiatives all in one place or follow us on

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