Postal voting
Postal vote safety
Published: Tuesday, 17th April 2018

Oldham Council has urged residents to ensure their postal vote is kept safe as the town prepares to go to polls.

There are a total of 90 candidates across Oldham’s 20 wards with one seat being contested in each area. There are also two by elections; one in Chadderton Central and another in Hollinwood.

That includes a total of 22 number of candidates from the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, 16 candidates from The Green party, 7 independent candidates and one candidate from The Liberal Party.

To view all of the candidates in full, visit

With more people than ever now voting by post, residents have been urged to follow a few key steps to ensure their vote is protected.

Returning officer and Council Chief Executive, Dr Carolyn Wilkins OBE, said: “Postal vote has really helped to increase voter participation.

“However, it’s vital to keep your postal vote safe. I would urge people to follow the instructions carefully to ensure their vote counts.”

When you get your postal voting pack, including the ballot paper, make sure you put it somewhere safe and don't give it to anyone or leave it where anyone else can pick it up.

It’s up to you when you vote – you can do it straightaway – but ensure you complete your ballot paper in secret and don’t let anyone else vote for you.

Once everything is complete, post it back yourself. If you can’t do that, give it to somebody you know and trust to do it for you.

Make sure you send it back so that it arrives by 10pm on election day.

If it arrives later than this, your vote won't be counted.

You can hand your postal ballot in at your local council on the day if you’re not able to send it back by post in advance.

Oldham Council has been running a social media campaign for the last two months aimed at ensuring residents don’t forget to register to vote. It has reached almost 30,000 people.

Posters have also been put up in all public buildings and the Electoral Commission have also been carrying out their own nationwide promotional campaign.

For information on voting and postal vote safety

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