Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, Published: Friday, 01st December 2017

There’s great work taking place in Oldham to tackle the many issues that have an impact on the health and wellbeing of residents.

Oldham’s Public Health Annual Report 2017 – compiled by Oldham’s Public Health team using the most up-to-date figures – provides an independent snapshot of the health of residents.


This year’s report has highlighted that people in Oldham are, on average, living for longer than before but the health of residents is not improving as quickly as others in the country and some people in the borough still experience poor health that limits their job opportunities, quality of life and their lifespan.


The overarching theme of this year’s public health report is that the health and wellbeing of the Oldham population is a product of a much bigger picture. It is impacted by the way we grow up, where we live, where and if we work, where and how we socialise and how we see the world.


In Oldham it can be more of a challenge to stay healthy than in other areas in the country due to the number of other factors in residents’ lives – such as financial pressures - taking priority.


Cllr Eddie Moores, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said: “Children whose parents are in employment and manage to ensure they are breastfed, up to date with immunisations, and emotionally attached are more likely to be healthy and ready for school at age five.


“Children who are ready for school when they start are more likely to have a good school experience, achieve good educational outcomes and be ready for further education, training or employment options.


“Young people with such options are more likely to have a sense of control over their lives, making them less likely to consume more food and alcohol than is healthy and more likely to be physically and socially active.


“Being socially and physically active are important for mental health which is central to overall wellbeing.


“And all of this is why it’s so important to start - and remain - on the right track from birth onwards.”


This year’s report also highlights the great work in Oldham taking place to address factors which lead to these issues to make it easier for residents to stay healthy.


Cllr Eddie Moores said: “We have a fantastic programme of work in place to develop more good schools, reshape the town centre, increase fairly-paid employment opportunities, treat people when they are sick and care for people over the longer term, provide state-of-the-art leisure facilities and make the most of Oldham’s beautiful open space and countryside.”


The report also praises local residents and organisations for doing their bit to improve health and wellbeing across Oldham.


Examples that typify the action of Oldham people doing it for themselves are Inspire Women Oldham, The Ghazali Trust and Real Junk Food Oldham.


Cllr Moores said: “The health and wellbeing of Oldham residents compared to the picture nationally is a product of the inequality we face but that will not stop us from doing something about it.


“On top of the work we’re doing as a council, supporting people to act for themselves, to gain more control, make more contacts and even grow their own food is essential for better health and wellbeing in Oldham.”


You can read Oldham’s Public Health Annual Report 2017 by visiting

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