YourOldham Published: Wednesday, 17th May 2017

Oldham Council is making it even easier for you to organise and enjoy a street party with your neighbours.

The ‘Event in a Box’ is being introduced as part of the Your Oldham campaign – a year-long initiative to celebrate all that is positive about the borough and encourage people to consider what Oldham means to them. 

The ‘boxes’ aim to make it as easy as possible for residents to organise a bustling street party in their neighbourhood.

You can either apply for a physical ‘Event in a Box’ to be sent to you by emailing or you can download the content online by visiting  

The packs contain streamlined versions of all the documentation needed for someone to host a party, including the Event Notification Form, Risk Assessment, party guide and even an invitation template.

There’s also top tips on how to get the most out of your street party, a bunting template and a host of recipe ideas to view and download.

Helen Lockwood, Executive Director for Economy, Skills and Neighbourhoods, said: “It’s now even easier for residents to get together with family and friends and celebrate what’s great about Oldham – and I encourage everyone to get involved and host a party.

“These are a great way to bring people together, not just to share food, but also to work together, share stories and do something positive within the community.

“So get some neighbours together, download the essential forms and enjoy a special family day without having to even leave your own street.”

The Your Oldham campaign aims to inform residents about good initiatives taking place across the borough, engage participants and inspire residents to do their bit and get involved.

A week-long festival will take place across the borough, from Saturday 2 – Saturday 9 September, featuring around 30 different events, all celebrating co-operative thinking, doing and creating. More information about the festival will be revealed soon.

If you do organise a street party please upload your pictures from the day to social media with the hashtag: #youroldham #yourstreet

For more information about the campaign, or to download the documents please visit:

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