Jean Stretton, Oldham Council Leader Published: Monday, 13th March 2017

Oldham Council is to discuss proposals to demolish the redundant gas holder at Hollinwood Junction – paving the way for regeneration and job creation.

A report to Cabinet on Monday, March 20 will outline plans to clear the 1.78 acre site and acquire it from current owners, National Grid Property Holdings Limited.

The council entered into a Strategic Partnering Agreement (SPA) in relation to local authority-owned land at Hollinwood Junction with developers Langtree Group PLC.

Both parties agreed to work together to regenerate council-owned land around Hollinwood Junction.

The redundant gas holder was identified as preventing progress on future development – including the creation of 150,000 square feet of employment space and up to 500 jobs.

Planning permission for the demolition and also the Revocation of the Hazardous Substances Consent Order have already been secured.

However, the current owners are not scheduled to take it down until 2023.

Councillor Jean Stretton, Leader of Oldham Council, said: “The council is working co-operatively with Langtree Property Partners Limited and the Hollinwood Partnership to bring forward development at this strategic junction, which is an important gateway into Oldham.

"To ensure we can move forward with our plans the gas holder needs to be demolished as quickly as possible.

“If we do not facilitate the work and acquire the site we would have to wait at least another six years before it comes down – preventing or significantly delaying the development of the council owned sites.

“A timely demolition could result in the creation of a significant number of jobs, boost the local economy and improve the look and appearance of the area.”

Subject to approval, the works would commence during the summer with an expected completion date in early 2018.

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