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Running Away

Worried for yourself or a friend? Call the MASH team 0161 770 7777

Are you thinking of running away from home?

If you've run away, been forced to leave home, are thinking about it or are worried about someone, whatever the reasons for leaving home there is help available. If you have run away and are now frightened call 999, Greater Manchester Police will come for you and protect you.

There can be many reasons why you feel that running away from home is the only way you can deal with your problems. But there are places you can go for help and people you can talk to for advice. You are not alone.

Call or text the free runaway helpline on 116 000 24/7, download the 'Thinking about running away' leaflet,

Email or see the poster below and get in touch.

Young people in danger at home

Get help immediately if someone in your home is being violent or abusive towards you. Call the police on 999 if you are in danger. If you feel you have to leave immediately, try to arrange somewhere to stay before you leave, for example with a friend or relative, in a refuge, hostel or bed and breakfast hotel. Make sure you take a few necessities with you.

You can also contact:

Worried for yourself or a friend? Call the MASH team 0161 770 7777