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About the Board

If you have a concern about a child call the MASH team on 0161 770 7777




Each subgroup has a terms of reference and works towards the LSCB's Business Plan.



Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)

Oldham, Rochdale and Bury Local Safeguarding Children Boards have come together to collect and analyse information about the deaths of all children (under the ages of 18) in their area.

As per Working Together 2018, “The responsibility for ensuring child death reviews are carried out is held by ‘child death review partners,’ who are defined as the local authority for that area and any clinical commissioning groups operating in the local authority area. Child death review partners must make arrangements to review all deaths of children normally resident in the local area96 and, if they consider it appropriate, for any non-resident child who has died in their area.”

We are pleased to publish the new child death review arrangements for Bury Oldham and Rochdale.