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About the Unitary Development Plan  
On 9 November 2011 the council adopted Joint Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (LDF DPD) which supersedes the majority of the 2006 Unitary Development Plan (UDP) policies. 
The Core Strategy includes details on the status of UDP policies, and the UDP Proposals Map has been superseded by the LDF Proposals Map, with the exception of some saved UDP policies. 
Saved UDP Policies  

Oldham Council adopted the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) on 14 July 2006. At the time the UDP policies were automatically ‘saved’ for a period of three years under the 2004 Planning Act. The Secretary of State, in May 2009, agreed to extend the life of the UDP policies until they are replaced by the relevant part of the Local Plan. 

Most of the 'saved' UDP policies have now been superseded by the Core Strategy, the GM Waste Plan and the GM Minerals Plan. 

There are a small number of UDP policies that remain ‘saved’ as part of the Local Plan and these are listed in Appendix 1. 

Following a review of the existing Local Plan, the remaining ‘saved’ UDP policies will be replaced where appropriate or not taken forward.