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2. Landlord Portal help

Before you can view the Landlord Portal, you will need to log into My Account.

If you don't already have an account you will need to sign up by clicking on the 'Register Now' button.

Adding landlord portal to your 'My Account' 

When you have created your account log in and click on the 'Add Service' button in the 'My Services' section of your My Account home page, then click on the add button in the 'Landlord' box.

To register, you will need to enter your Creditor Number. 

You will find this number on your payment schedules that you receive each time a payment is made. 

Enter the number in the ‘Creditor Reference Number’ field and click on ‘Access Now’. 

If you have multiple Creditor Reference numbers then you will need to register for each one individually. You won’t need to register for My Account again, under ‘My Services', for landlord services you will be able to add additional accounts. 

As part of the registration process, you will need to answer a series of question. 

Once you have answered a series of questions correctly, a message will be displayed to confirm that you have given enough information to continue.

Towards the bottom of the page, ‘Next’ button will appear. You will need to click on this to continue. A message will then be displayed that you have successfully subscribed. You will then have access to view the data. 

If you are unable to answer the questions, place a tick in the field ‘I don’t have enough information to continue’. 

Once you have placed the tick, the field will be highlighted in green and the ‘Next’ button will appear. 

Click on the ‘Next’ button to continue. 

Click on ‘Send me a PIN’. 

The PIN will then be sent to you in the post, this will be sent to the address that we  hold for you on our system. 

Once you have received the PIN, you will need to log into My Account and finish the registration process. 

Find a tenants Housing Benefit claim

To search for an individual tenants HB claim, part way down on the Landlord Summary page, there is a section ‘Find a Tenant

In the free text box, enter the applicable details for your tenant. I.e. if you know the HB reference then enter the HB claim reference. Click on the ‘Find’ icon and results for your search will be displayed as demonstrated on the next slide. 

Payment tab

This will display all the payments you have received for your tenant for the selected financial year. 

Payment date, period and amount will be shown. 

If an overpayment is being recovered from the ongoing benefit, then amount will be in blue text as shown below.

If you hover the cursor over the amount, this will display the gross amount and the amount that has been used for the invoice recovery. 

Overpayments tab

If there are any overpayments that belong to you, this will be displayed under the Overpayments tab for the individual tenant in question

Ensure you select the correct year when are searching for overpayments. 

If the overpayment was created in March 2017, you will need to ensure that you select financial year as 04 April 2016 – 03 April 2017.

Rent Summary

Rent details used on the individual tenants claim can be viewed. This can only be viewed from the individual tenants claim. To view the rent summary, from ‘Tenant Summary’ page click on icon ‘Rent Summary’.

The Gross rent will be displayed, ineligible service charges will not be shown in the rent summary.