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2. Vaccines for 5-15 year olds 

If you are aged 5 and over you can book a vaccination appointment online.

Most children can get a 2nd dose from 12 weeks after their 1st dose.

If your child has a condition that means they're at high risk from COVID-19 or they live with someone who has a weakened immune system, they can get a 2nd dose from 8 weeks after they had their 1st dose.

If your child is aged 5 or over and had a severely weakened immune system when they had their first 2 doses, they can get an additional primary dose (3rd dose) of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Conditions that mean they may be at high risk are:

  • a severe problem with the brain or nerves, such as cerebral palsy
  • Down's syndrome
  • severe or multiple learning disabilities (or they're on the learning disability register)
  • a condition that means they're more likely to get infections (such as some genetic conditions or types of cancer

Who is at high risk from coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS website

Booster dose

Some children aged 12 to 15 can get a booster dose if they had a 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 3 months ago and they either:

Why children are being offered the COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 is usually mild in most children, but it can make some children unwell.

1 dose of the COVID-19 vaccine gives good protection against your child getting seriously ill. But 2 doses gives stronger and longer-lasting protection against future COVID-19 variants.

Vaccinating children can reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection to your child and those around them.

We understand some parents may have some concerns about getting their child vaccinated which is completely normal.

Information on why the vaccines are safe and effective for children aged 5- 15 can be found on the NHS website: