Coronavirus: Help your neighbours and your community | Coronavirus: Help your neighbours and your community | Oldham Council
Coronavirus update and advice

Stay at home as much as possible, work from home if you can, limit contact with other people, keep your distance if you go out (2 metres apart where possible), wash your hands regularly.

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During this emergency we need your help and support.

Every day volunteers from across Oldham provide vital services for local people.

But with the virus affecting many people, including these volunteers, we need extra help right now.  

We are working with Action Together who are the volunteer co-ordinators for Oldham.  

There are many ways you can help out

Be a good neighbour 

Let your neighbour know you can help with errands such as shopping for them.

You can do this by posting a simple card:

Protect yourself and others from sickness

How to help safely - GOV.UK website

Donate to the Foodbank 

Many people across our community need emergency food support. 

You can help by donating an extra item on your weekly shop. 

Details of what is needed and where the drop off locations are on the Oldham Foodback website

Volunteer your time in this emergency 

Sign up with Action Together and they will identify opportunities for you in your area.

This is for things like helping at a foodbank during the emergency.

Set up or support a local group 

Why not get together with other local people to run errands to the shops for people who are self-isolating, post mail on their behalf or provide a friendly voice of reassurance on the telephone?  

Many groups are being established or why not set up your own one?

Covid Mutual Aid UK

Covid Mutual Aid UK is a group of volunteers supporting local community groups organising mutual aid throughout the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak in the UK. 

Other Donations

For any other donations you think might be useful please contact

Are you a community and voluntary organisation? 

Action Together has information for community and voluntary organisations:

The Government has advice for organising volunteers in emergencies

Donations of Protective Equipment

We are asking for donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) for use by front-line health and social care staff who are delivering essential services across the borough.

Items such as disposable aprons, latex or Nitrell gloves, face masks, hand sanitiser and eye protection would be appreciated.

Tell us what you can donate by emailing

Oldham Council is doing everything it can to support front line staff, this matter is one of our highest priorities.

Thank you, your help in this difficult time is really appreciated.