Coronavirus update and advice

What you need to do: Stay at home. Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (only if you cannot work from home). Stay 2 metres away from other people. Wash your hands as soon as you get home.

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Changes to bin collections

The Coronavirus has had an impact on our waste and recycling service.

We are temporarily introducing weekly general waste collections from Monday, March 30 due to the coronavirus crisis.

Only put out your grey bin by 7am on your usual collection day.

No other bins will be collected for the time being.

Temporarily, you can now put all of your waste materials - including food and recyclable materials - into your grey rubbish bin.

Please do not place extra rubbish by the side of your bin - it will not be picked up.

If your grey bin is not emptied, take it back into your property and put it back out the following week on your usual collection day.

In these unprecedented times, we are taking this step so we can maintain collections and also to ensure that waste is collected from homes on a regular basis.

Once the crisis has ended we will revert back to our three weekly collections as recycling and cutting waste is important.

Arkwright Street Household Waste Recycling Centre, and the other sites across the area, have been closed by Recycle for Greater Manchester following the government announcement that people should stay at home

Helping to stop the spread of coronavirus

If your household has a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus please place all used tissues and cleaning cloths in a plastic rubbish bag and tie it tightly when full.

After 72 hours the bag should be then placed in a second bag and tied tightly before being placed in your general rubbish bin. 

Recycling centres

All household waste and recycling centres are now closed

Please note that due to current lockdown restrictions, all household waste and recycling centres are now closed to the general public until further notice. R4GM website

Bulky collections

Bulky Bob collections are suspended until further notice.