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Employers have legal duties to take all reasonable measures to safeguard employees and any visitors/customers.

It is up to a business to put these measures into their risk assessments and consult with unions where appropriate to make these practices part of business as usual.

Businesses should also assess the structure of the building and ensure good ventilation


Please review this important guidance:

Keep indoor places well ventilated

Evidence suggests that the virus is less likely to be passed on in well-ventilated buildings and outdoors.

Try to leave windows and doors open in areas where people from different households come into contact or move activity outdoors if you can.

Use external extractor fans to keep spaces well ventilated and make sure that ventilation systems are set to maximise the airflow rate. 

Heating and cooling systems can be used at their normal temperature settings.

Workplace testing

If you see rising numbers of cases within your business setting and you are concerned you might have an outbreak of COVID-19, please email or use the following link to report the outbreak.

Report an outbreak (organisations/settings in Oldham)