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3. Get a booster jab

COVID-19 booster vaccine doses are now available to help improve the protection you have from your previous doses of the vaccine. Please note your booster dose might be different to your previous vaccine. 

Who can get a COVID-19 booster jab?

Everyone aged 16 and over who had a 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 3 months ago can get a booster dose. 

Some children aged 12 to 15 can get a booster dose if they have a condition that puts them at high risk from COVID-19 or they live with someone who has a weakened immune system. 

If you're not sure if you or your child are at high risk, see who is at high risk from COVID-19

If you had a 3rd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine because you have or had a severely weakened immune system, you can get a booster (4th dose) from 3 months after your 3rd dose. 

Find out more about COVID-19 vaccination for people with a severely weakened immune system 

Seasonal Booster

A seasonal booster (autumn booster) can also now be booked for anyone who is:

  • aged 50 or over
  • pregnant
  • aged 5 and over and at high risk due to a health condition, a weakened immune system or if you live with someone who has a weakened immune system
  • aged 16 and over and is a carer
  • a frontline health and social care worker

The appointment dates you'll be offered for your seasonal booster will start from 3 months (91 days) after your previous dose.

If you have not had a 1st or 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine yet, you should have them as soon as possible.

If you have a severely weakened immune system you should get an additional primary dose before you get a booster.

Book a booster vaccine appointment

Walk-in clinics

If it's been 3 months since your second vaccination and you are eligible, you can get a booster jab at one of our local vaccine clinics without an appointment: