The identity of father and his son have been changed to protect identity.

A decision made to not issue an EHC Plan in 2017 had caused some problems with father Gary, whose son, Alfie, lives with special educational needs.

The relationship with the EHCP Officer had broken down. However, with a new EHCP Officer in place, they collated information from Early Help and other resources. Through numerous meetings and building up a positive relationship with Gary, constantly informing him of the statutory process, actions taken and communication, he became very happy with the service.

The officer would always make time to listen to Gary’s concerns, worries and attended school meetings, reporting to him the outcomes.

The officer consulted with other schools and Gary was very happy that he was a part of his Alfie’s future education. After careful and detailed planning and working well with other professionals (Social Worker, School, POINT and Early Help) the group were able to offer the right support not only for Alfie but also for his dad.

Alfie was offered a place at a new school, with his placement going very well and Gary is getting along with the school very well.

Gary has commented on many occasions on how happy he is with the service Oldham Council provides.