Act now to avoid a local lockdown

We need you to act NOW. If everyone makes these small changes we can avoid a second lockdown. Stop meeting people outside your household. Wear a mask. Stop having visitors.

Latest information and advice

Accessibility Guides - designing for accessibility 

These Home Office guides show how you can make your service accessible for different needs

Change4Life with Disney - ten-minute ‘shake up’ activities

The latest Change4Life with Disney resource packs have now been launched. These free downloadable resources are based around ten-minute ‘shake up’ activities that are inspired by Disney and Pixar characters.

Focused on getting pupils aged 4-11 years to their recommended 60 active minutes each day, the resources include active assembly activities, active role-play lesson starters and take-home packs so that pupils can stay active over school holidays. Check out the Shake Up Activities here

Coronavirus - Covid-19 Inclusive Resources

The North West SEND Regional Network News provides access a wide range of inclusive Coronavirus resources to support children and young people and families:

Digital Skills Programme

A new digital skills programme is being made available to secondary schools across the UK to improve young people’s understanding of tech, build their digital skills and encourage them to explore a future career in technology.

The ‘Digital Creators’ Challenge’ will invite young people aged 11-14 years to work together to design an app to improve lives in their local community, with the chance to win up to £6,000 to spend on IT equipment. Please check out Vodafone – The digital creators challenge

Guides for working with parents of children with SEND

This guide aims to support all early years practitioners to reflect on how they work in partnership with parents of children with SEND. It also aims to offer practitioners suggestions about how to prepare for and have those all-important initial conversations with parents regarding concerns about their individual child‟s development. (4 children)

A quick guide to ensuring that schools work closely with parents and carers to meet the needs of children and young people with SEND (nasen)

How safe are our Children? 2019

The digital world is an amazing one for young people. Its boundless potential means our children can learn and create in ways we never would have dreamed of a decade ago. It also helps protect and support children. Our Childline service allows young people to instant message chat with counsellors via website or app around the clock. And our safeguarding elearning courses mean more people than ever can access the training they need to help keep children safe.

Information and support sheets for children and young people who have autism

“Inspiring the Future”

50,000 volunteers from all sectors, architects to zoologists, and at all levels – apprentices to CEOs, are available to talk to young people about their job and career route via the free online service “Inspiring the Future”.

Go to for more information.

National Autistic Society - Starting or changing school

Autistic children and young people can find change difficult, including starting or moving to a new school.

Read about strategies that can be used to support your child in advance and during the period of change.

NHS - Guidance for health services for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

This quick guide is intended to help local areas develop their transition processes for young people with special educational needs and disability (SEND) from childhood to adulthood.

teachwire - your link to the best in education

Why Autism Goes Unseen in Girls – And How You Can Spot It

Autism is under-recognised in girls and many mask the condition to fit in, feel safe and gain acceptance.

The Oldham Pledge

The Oldham Pledge provides and promotes opportunities for children and young people to develop key character traits, so that they are school ready, life ready and work ready 

TOG Mind Children and Young People Resource Sheets

Whole School SEND Resources

By supporting families and schools to work together, the aim is to reduce conflict and improve outcomes for children. One way of achieving this is by communicating honestly, openly and often. 

For more information please see leaflet - A guide to making conversations count for all families