2. Sweet Female Attitude

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Sweet Female Attitude began life in 1996 when music manager Mike Powell, artist and DJ Shine MC and then seventeen year old Leanne Brown began writing music together. Collectively, they developed a group consisting of three singers including Leanne Brown, Sarah Bridgewood and Charlene Morrison. However by 2000, only Leanne and new addition Catherine Cassidy were the group’s remaining singers after Charlene (1997) and Sarah (1999) both departed.

The group’s first album “In person” was released in 2001 this came after an initial white label release in 1999 by Milkk Records, of which the Sunship mix of "Flowers" began to gain popularity in the London UK garage scene.

Leanne and Catherine moved to London under the management of Gordon Charlton and began to heavily promote the track. "Flowers" was subsequently released by Warner Music Germany in April 2000 and from there it sold in excess of 200,000 copies and peaked at No. 2 in the UK Singles Chart – it also led to a Brit Award nomination and a UK and European club tour for the group.

“Flowers” to this day is widely regarded as being an old school garage anthem and is still one of the biggest garage tracks to have ever graced the UK garage scene. Following its release, Leanne and Catherine spent much of their time in Denmark and Germany where some of their follow-up material was released. Remaining close friends, the two singers later went on to pursue their own individual projects.

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