Report a street cleaning problem



Response-driven cleaning

District Centres, Oldham town Centre, Gateways and corridors and other areas are cleaned routinely. Specific issues are dealt with as soon as possible following the request.

Instead of cleaning schedules, streets are cleaned as problems arise.

Response times

  • Enforcement investigations may take up to 5 days, removal up to a further 20 days

Targeting problem areas

Businesses that directly or indirectly generate litter (e.g. shops selling food and drink) may be served a notice.

Standards of cleanliness

The standards of cleanliness used in Oldham have been defined within a Code of Practice as part of the Environmental Protection Act 1990:

  • Grade A - free of litter
  • Grade B - mostly free of litter apart from small items
  • Grade C - quite a lot of litter with small build ups
  • Grade D - a lot of litter with significant build ups