Your child’s early years have a huge impact on how they grow, develop and learn.

If they have a special educational need, or a disability, or if you think they may have, or if you’re worried about their development, get support and specialist advice as soon as you can.

As well as talking to your doctor, get advice about what’s available from the ‘Right Start’ service based at your nearest children’s centre.

The Right Start service includes children’s centres, health visitors, additional educational needs advisers, and experts in things like oral health and infant-feeding.

Child development and specialist support 

Right Start can help you from birth until your child starts school. They can identify any special needs your child has as early as possible, carry our health reviews, advise on the best support to help your child develop, and help you in the move to school.

They can put you in touch with the local Child Development Service.

If they think your child may need more specialised support they can refer you to services like speech and language therapy, occupational therapy or physiotherapy.

Contact Right Start through your local children’s centre.