Managing your personal budget | Personal budgets: paying for services (SEND) | Oldham Council

4. Managing your personal budget

You can choose how to the budget is managed:

  • you can get the money on a prepayment card that works like a bank card - use it to buy goods and services in shops, on the phone or online. You can't go overdrawn, or get cash on the card; or
  • the council, school or college can hold the money, and pay for the support for you; or
  • you can nominate another person or organisation to manage the budget for you; or
  • you can use a combination of any of these options.

You keep a record of payments in and out of the budget, and we check that you're managing the money properly and that you're getting the support you need.

We can ask for money back if it's not spent properly, or there's some left at the end of the year.


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