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3. Personal budget support plan

The amount of money in the budget depends on the child's or young person's needs and what's in their Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan or other assessment.

When you know how much budget you'll get, we can help you plan how to spend it. Or we can give you a list of organisations that can help.

Your 'support plan' describes what the child or young person wants to change about their life, how the budget will help them make these changes, and how it will help them stay safe and as independent as possible. It identifies other resources you can use too.

Clear outcomes

The plan sets out clear outcomes we agree with you. It shows how you will use the money to reach these outcomes. It can include support from family and friends, community organisations, and school, as well as formal paid services.

A support plan must show:

  • how the money will be spent through a year, including holidays
  • how support will be organised and who will provide it
  • who will give support from the extended family or community
  • who will manage the budget, and how they'll do it – including recording the spending.

All support-providers must be checked through the Disclosure Barring Service.

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