Generation Oldham is Oldham’s community energy programme. Partners of the council include the award-winning Saddleworth Community Hydro and Voluntary Action Oldham. 

The aim of the programme is to deliver large-scale solar PV on council-owned community buildings and schools, with a longer term aspiration to include community-owned buildings and private sector businesses.

Oldham residents will have the opportunity to own shares in the new Community Benefit Society, and income from electricity sales and the Feed-In Tariff will generate a ‘community benefit pot’ which could be donated to the Action Oldham Fund.

If you know of a community groups who own their own buildings who might be interested in receiving free solar panels through the scheme. 

Generation Oldham in four easy steps 

  • Step 1: Community group expresses interest after hearing about Generation Oldham.
  • Step 2: The Council forwards details to solar surveyor to contact community group and a survey is completed.

If the building is not suitable for solar panels it cannot take part in scheme.

  • Step 3: Building is suitable for solar panels.Formal contracts presented to community group by Oldham Community Power co-op.

If the community group does not agree with terms of lease and electricity purchase agreement it will not be able to take part in the scheme.

  • Step 4: Contracts are signed. Oldham Community Power raises money through community shares and installs the solar panels.Community group receives discount electricity.