Council Tax payment - text reminders

Sometimes in a busy life it’s easy to forget to make a payment, like your Council Tax.

These free texts will give you a reminder if you have missed making a payment on your due date.

The text will tell you:

  • your Council Tax payment is overdue
  • ways to make a payment – either online, by phone or direct debit

This service means we can help you to bring your account up to date and avoid a costly debt recovery process.

How do I sign up for this service?

You can opt into this service by registering your mobile number to your Council Tax account:

Register now

Will I receive marketing texts from this?

No. The service is confidential and we will not use your information for any other purpose.

You will only receive a text message if you have given us your telephone number to contact you and if the council needs to send you a council tax reminder.

How to opt out

If you are already registered for this service but wish to opt out you can do so by using the same contact details above or by replying STOP to any messages received.

Problems paying? 

If you are experiencing problems paying your Council Tax, you need to contact us on 0161 770 6622 to make a payment arrangement.