Key documents

Investment Prospectus

This outlines Oldham Council’s vision for the Town Centre and for the wider borough and our aim is for you to see Oldham differently – as a place with excellent infrastructure and opportunities but also as a place with a real commitment to making things happen.

Residential Development Prospectus

Oldham Council has a significant land bank with the capacity to deliver a high number of homes.  Opportunities range from the strategic sites outlined above to a number of smaller sites across the borough, some in higher value areas.

We want to hear from housing developers who can help us to realise our ambitions, to increase long-term value and stimulate new quality housing investment.  We are willing to be flexible about values to secure long-term outcomes.

A Place Marketing Strategy for Oldham

This strategy sets out our ambitions for Oldham – a place with an exciting future that has so much to build on.

Oldham Town Centre Story

The story of how Oldham is building on heritage to create a town centre for future generations.

The Old Town Hall at Parliament Square

In the heart of Oldham’s retail core, the Old Town Hall is being developed into a modern multiplex ODEON cinema.