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What is Accessible Oldham? 

Accessible Oldham is a project which will make it easier, safer and more enjoyable to get around Oldham town centre – especially for cyclists and pedestrians. 

It will see us improve streets, roads, footpaths and public areas in the town centre over the next four years. 

When will the work start? 

The first phase will start on 17 January 2022 with improvements to Henshaw Street and Albion Street. 

We're planting trees, putting in new seating, street art and bike parking to make the town centre more attractive and vibrant. We’re also improving the route between the town centre and bus station. 

Better access around Tommyfield Market Hall into the High Street including replacing bollards with a new entry/exit system for vehicles will also be provided. 

The works on Henshaw Street and Albion Street are expected to complete in March 2023. 

Will there be any disruption to businesses/visitors? 

Construction will be carried out in smaller phases to minimise disruption in the Henshaw Street/Albion Street area.  

A requirement of the works is that access is maintained throughout for deliveries, collections, customers and general servicing of properties and businesses.  

Road closures will be in place but access will be maintained at all times. As the works will be completed in phases, we will keep in touch with businesses/residents to advise of any changes to traffic routing in advance.  

Who can I speak to about the works? 

The works are being carried out by our strategic partner Rowan Ashworth Ltd. The team will have a dedicated Public Liaison Officer (PLO) based at Shop 10, Albion Street (formerly Dr Kershaw’s charity shop). 

Feel free to call in and speak to the PLO if you have any questions or need information.  

CGI of Oldham Town Centre - phase01 image 01CGI of Oldham Town Centre - phase 01 view 02

Why are you doing these works? 

The Accessible Oldham projects will make a huge difference to the look and feel of our town centre and complement the wider regeneration works including the redevelopment of Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre and the creation of a brand-new park. 

We've previously consulted with you about Accessible Oldham, which has helped us to identify where improvements can be made. 

The scheme is being funded after Oldham Council successfully bid for financial support from a number of external funding pots, including the Local Growth Deal, Future High Streets Fund and the GM Mayor’s Cycling and Walking Challenge Fund. 

By making it easier to walk and cycle, we can get out and about more on foot and bike – reducing our reliance on cars. This is great news for our own health and also for the planet.  

We want Oldham to be the greenest borough in Greater Manchester and our Green New Deal aims to make the council carbon neutral by 2025 and the whole borough by 2030. Accessible Oldham will support us in achieving these important environmental goals. 

What other phases of work will take place? 

The programme will also bring Oldham’s first CYCLOPS (cycle optimised protected signals) junction to the borough, at Egerton Street/St Mary’s Way - a key route into the town centre. The unique junction design separates people travelling on foot and by bike from traffic, reducing the possibility of collisions or conflict. 

The junction will be part of Greater Manchester's Bee Network – which aims to create the UK’s largest cycling and walking network and make walking and cycling the natural choices for shorter journeys. 

Other projects taking place as part of Accessible Oldham are: 

Fountain Street: improvements to footpaths and roads. Re-locating the taxi rank to the nearby car park which will also be upgraded, and new disabled parking bays installed. 

West Street/Cheapside: Developing a cycle route and improved pedestrian link to and from Oldham Leisure Centre on Rochdale Road and Oldham King Street Metrolink stop. Re-routing buses away from West Street to create a traffic-free zone. 

Market Place and Curzon Street: improvements to support the creation of cycle routes in and around the town centre. 

Lord Street/High Street: Pedestrianisation of the lower end of Lord Street and High Street and public open space improvements. 

New access into the Southlink development site at the Oldham Way/Prince Street junction. 

We will continue to update this page with progress updates on current and future phases. 

Find out more about the plans for your new town centre by watching our video: