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5. Council statement

Council statement regarding new Saddleworth School

The council is aware of inaccurate and misleading allegations, which have been published in a recently-distributed leaflet in regards to the development of the new Saddleworth School.

The allegations about two consultation responses from Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) being withheld from the planning committee are incorrect. TfGM’s first response from October 2017 was replaced by their second response dated 6 November 2017.

Both responses were made in respect of planning application PA/337301/15 (the replacement Saddleworth School application). The quotes in the leaflet are from TfGM’s response of October 2017, which was replaced by their November response. The quotes do not appear in TfGM’s November response.

The November response is referred to in considerable detail at pages 102-106 of the planning committee report of 28 February 2019. Therefore, the Planning Committee members were aware of TfGM’s views when they decided to grant planning permission.

The council would like to reassure the community that the scheme is safe, as underlined in the latest guidance from TfGM.

We look forward to our young people soon benefiting from this much-needed new school.