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3. Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders - update

From 18 March 2020 this Temporary Traffic Regulation Order associated with the construction of the new Saddleworth School will give the Oldham Council the powers to:

  • Close footpath 106 for an initial period of 6 months. The closure is required to allow site clearance and plant movements across the path during the initial stages of development at the new school site, the closure will be implemented periodically during the 6 month period. Site notices will advise of closure dates and details will also appear on this web page. The diversion route, via Huddersfield Road and footpath 107 will be signed when the closure is in place; 
  • Prohibit waiting and loading on lengths of Huddersfield Road between Standedge Road and Ambrose Crescent that are not currently covered by existing permanent restrictions. The purpose of the Order is to ensure the free flowing movement of vehicles along Huddersfield Road and also to facilitate highway works associated with the new school site. In the vicinity of 20 to 44 of the Order will not be enforced until new off street parking facilities are available. It is not proposed that the existing on street parking between 121 Huddersfield Road and Ambrose Crescent will be effected by this Order unless obstructive parking becomes an issue, then all efforts will be made to retain on street residential parking. The Order will be indicated and enforced on site with temporary signing and “No waiting” cones.

From 26 April 2021 Temporary Traffic Regulation Order associated with the construction of the highway works will give Oldham Council the powers to:

  • Make Huddersfield Road one way only for traffic from a point 400 metres north west of its junction with Wool Road to its junction with Wool Road, permitted direction will be south westerly
  • Introduce measures to prohibit vehicles from travelling the full length of Spurn Lane, with the exception of refuse vehicles
  • Prohibit a right turn movement from Spurn Lane onto Standedge Road
  • Reduce the speed limit of the A62 Huddersfield Road to 30mph. This will be from a point 43 metre south of Tetley Bye Road to a point 938m north east of Huddersfield Road.

From 17 May 2021 Temporary Traffic Regulation Order associated with the construction of the highway works will give Oldham Council the powers to:

  • Reduce the speed limit of Huddersfield Road between Carr Lane and A62 Standedge Cutting, the whole of Carr Lane and the whole of Tetley Bye Road to 30mph. 
  • Have a 7.5T weight restriction on Huddersfield Road from Carr Lane to Standedge Cutting, eastbound only, except for access. 
  • Introduce measures to prohibit vehicles from travelling the full length of Carr Lane, except for access. 

Map of diversion

diversion route for saddleworth school highway works


TTROs Frequently asked questions

TTROs are made for various reasons including:

  • Prohibiting waiting and loading;
  • Reduced speed limits;
  • Weight restrictions;
  • Road closures;
  • Banned movements.

Although the orders will be in operation for a duration of 18 months, they will only be utilised as and when required during that time period. Signs and notices on site will inform the public of the “live” dates of the restrictions with updates being posted on social media and the website. Advanced notice will be provided via the website and social media to enable journeys to be planned accordingly.

Will access to properties be maintained when a road or footpath closure is implemented?

Access will be maintained where possible, however, there may be times where patience and cooperation is required whilst certain operations are carried out.

If a road closure is implemented, will it be lifted at night to allow access and parking?

The removal of a road closure overnight will be dependent of the works being carried out within the closure. The decision on whether to remove the closure will be based on safety and availability of alternative road space to accommodate he safe passage of traffic.

If parking is suspended outside my property, where can I park?

The new car parking areas for those significantly affected will be completed prior to the temporary suspension of the on-street parking facility outside properties is suspended.

Will buses be affected by any road closures, etc?

It is likely that there will be an impact on public transport, we will work closely with Service Provides and Transport for Greater Manchester to minimise disruption.

How will I know on site what restrictions are in place?

Restrictions will be signed with temporary signs and in the case of no waiting/loading restrictions, cones will be used as well. The use of road markings, such as double or single yellow lines, will not be applied to the highway for temporary restrictions.

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