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New Saddleworth School


The brand-new Saddleworth School has opened.

The new school in Diggle features 80 bright, modern classrooms, including specialist teaching rooms for Science, Food Technology, ICT and Design Technology.

There are also first-class sports facilities at the site with a sports hall, fitness suite and activity studios inside and an all-weather pitch outside.

New Saddleworth School gym


The new school has been designed to meet the growing needs of pupils and the community by providing an additional 150 school places – meaning it can now accommodate up to 1,500 pupils.

In addition to quality learning and social facilities, the school also features a Breathing Buildings solution to provide natural ventilation - keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer to boost comfort, health, sustainability and reduce energy costs.

The completion marks the successful partnership between Oldham Council, the Department for Education and Tilbury Douglas Construction to deliver the pivotal scheme.

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